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COVANIS carries out a troubleshooting for all systems for which we are trained as well as on software and PCs not only on-site.

Continuous further training of our employees in hard- and software as well as in PC know-how is a matter of great concern for us.

Christian Wälchli
Mr. Wälchli advises you on CTC-Sampler, GC- as well as headspace problems

Heinrich Müller
Mr. Müller advises you on HPLC, GC, GC/MS- as well as headspace problems

Joëlle Müller
Mrs. Müller helps you promptly, flexibly and in an uncomplicated way with logistic problems in German, French and English

We would like to point out to customers with Agilent systems that an on-site service has to be requested at Agilent, as this is not directly offered by Covanis!


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